Australian Vanadium subsidiary sells first VRFB-based standalone power system

November 23, 2020

The vanadium redox flow battery-based standalone power system is designed to provide the microgrid with an uninterrupted, clean and safe source of energy primarily supplied by direct and stored solar energy.

Australian Vanadium Ltd’s (ASX:AVL) subsidiary VSUN Energy has sold its first vanadium-flow battery-based standalone power system (SPS) to a residential customer in regional Western Australia.

The customer selected the vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB), after reviewing a variety of different energy storage technologies and due to its strengths of reliability, depth of discharge, safety and longevity.

This customer requires the SPS due to the high cost of connecting to the grid and lack of reliable power in the region.

Robust piece of equipmentVSUN Energy’s director Vincent Algar said: “The requirements of an SPS suit the strengths of the VRFB perfectly.

“It is a robust piece of equipment that can be cycled repeatedly without degradation in performance.

“Its high-temperature tolerance makes it ideal for the Australian environment and the unique benefits they provide.

Battery providerThe battery will be provided by V-Flow Tech Pte Ltd, a VRFB manufacturer based in Singapore.

Algar said: “We are pleased to be kicking off our relationship with V-Flow with this new sale and the South East Asian regions.

“The current residential battery market in Australia is focused on the deployment of short-life, short-duration technologies such as lead-acid and lithium-ion battery systems.”

Range of solutionsAlgar said VSUN Energy had the capability to deploy a range of VRFB system sizes. “Smaller, more modular VRFBs are also now readily available for grid connection.

“These systems provide alternatives to new battery customers that are safer, have longer asset lives and are more environmentally friendly overall.”

The SPS will consist of a 5kW/30kWh VRFB with a maximum discharge of 7kW.

This system uses an Australian made grid-connection approved inverter from manufacturer Selectronic and alone power system design.The SPS is designed to provide the microgrid with an uninterrupted, clean and eventual re-design for 3 phase power supply.

VSUN Energy now offers V-Flow’s VRFBs from 5kW/30kWh in size for sale to customers in off-grid settings.

The V-Flow product can also be deployed immediately to customers within the residential and small commercial sectors.


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