Podcast: Dr Avishek Kumar explains the advantages and applications of vanadium redox flow batteries

March 30, 2022

How can new type batteries help in the clean energy transition of both Asia & Africa?

The clean energy transition will need more efficient methods of energy storage. A Singapore based company is making progress in finding applications of flow batteries.

In flow batteries, the electricity is stored in the liquid in the battery. A vanadium component which is used in the liquid material changes its state as it absorbs electricity. In lead acid and lithium ion batteries, on the other hand, the solid electrodes (which conduct electricity) change state.

This is a very simple way of understanding the difference between the three different types of batteries. From this stems the advantages of flow batteries:

  • Better performance (both in terms of storage capacity and lower degradation over time)
  • Operational safety
  • Lower carbon footprint.

Listen to Dr. Avishek Kumar of VFlow Tech explain how the advantages help in large scale applications of renewable energy storage: electrification of remote island installations and micro-grids both in Asia and Africa, and in EV charging infrastructure, and how being located in Singapore helps build a deeptech clean energy company.

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